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Mastro’s Ocean Club

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Mastro’s Ocean Club

Decadent Seafood Cuisine Awaits You at Mastro’s Ocean Club

Housed within an expansive building in north Scottsdale, Mastro’s Ocean Club offers diners a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience within its walls. Come nicely dressed and enter the pristine and enormous front room of Mastro’s—which is more reminiscent of the lobby of an upscale hotel—and your palatable seafood experience begins.

Why This Scottsdale Restaurant Should Be at the Top of Your Dining List

Mastro’s Ocean Club has a myriad of dining rooms that meld traditional elegance with fresh, contemporary aesthetics—a perfect reflection of Scottsdale as a city. The appetizers alone will impress, including rare dishes of caviar, beef carpaccio, escargot, cocktail offerings of Dungeness and Alaskan King crab, ahi tuna tartare, and vanilla battered shrimp. Creative sushi concoctions like the ahi tuna tostada put a distinctly Arizonan twist on the classic Japanese staple.

Mastro’s also offers hearty yet light Boston clam chowder and rich lobster bisque, as well as a refreshing selection of salads. Being the sister restaurant to Mastro’s Steakhouse, the Ocean Club also provides diners with the option of feasting on its land-based meats, from Kansas City and New York strips to porterhouses, herb-roasted chicken, filets, and rack of lamb.

Finally, the highlight of the menu at Mastro’s Ocean Club: its mouthwatering marine cuisine. Indulge in exotic and flavorful fish and crustaceans from around the world. Chilean sea bass, Hawaiian big eye tuna, Florida grouper, mai mai, lemon sole, Pacific swordfish, Scottish salmon, broiled Main lobster, Alaskan King crab, and vanilla battered lobster tails sample from the sea’s culinary delights.


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